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Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department 



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Hazardous Materials Training resulted in 17 departments represented by 39 in attendance... Harris County HazMat Team a Huge Asset to Brazoria County... see Recent Training

NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Adult, Teen, and Infant First Aid/AED/CPR

CLVFD Meetings - Public Invited

Monthly Business Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of the Month 7p.m.

Monthly Training Meetings - 4th Tuesday of the Month 7p.m.

Department Member Certification Profile

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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary - U.S. Department of Homeland Security                                                                 



U.S. Fire Administration




Texas Commission on Fire Protection Commissioned Firefighter

Texas SFFMA (State Firemen's & Fire Marshalls' Association) Basic and Advanced Accredited Firefighter Certification

Texas SFFMA (State Firemen's & Fire Marshalls' Association) Instructor I & II Certification

NFPA 1041 Instructor II Certification

NFPA 1081 Ind. Exterior Fire Brigade - National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1081 Ind. Interior Fire Brigade - National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1081 Ind. Fire Brigade Leader - National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1006 Rope & Confined Space Rescue Technician Professional Certification

NFPA 1670 / 1006 Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Technician Certification

American Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED Instructor Certification & Health Provider

Texas Engineering Extension (TEEX) Industrial Response Specialist

DEM (Texas Governor's) Division of Emergency Management - Hazardous Materials Operations

NFPA 472 - Harris County Hazardous Materials Technician 42 Hours Training

Swift Water Rescue Technician

Smoke Diver Completion - East Texas Firefighter's Association


The Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department currently comprise of nine (9) active members who pull a wide array of talent, knowledge and expertise together to provide an evolving department that is constantly growing and becoming leaders in the area firefighting industry.  Without a doubt we bring the latest in firefighting techniques and knowledge to our community.

Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department is a member of the "Texas State Firemen's and Fire Marshalls' Association", Brazoria County Emergency Service District 4, "West of the Brazos Fire Chiefs Association" Brazoria County Firefighter's Association.   Likewise, as listed above, the  members bring wide array of certifications to the table and it is growing stronger every year.

"This is the first time Columbia Lakes Fire Department has ever put forth the effort to take the lead and host training from TEEX (Texas A&M University - Texas Emergency Extension Division).  You guys are really stepping up."  Scott Matthews TEEX Instructor. 

"I don't know of another department with so many different areas of emergency response knowledge and certifications as Columbia Lakes.  It's a shame that other departments don't reach out to work with your department more, when all of you are so willing to join and help other department be part of a bigger team." Neighboring Firefighter.

CLVFD Members:

Stan Wiggins - Fire Chief (Badge 2705 / Firefighter 2757)

Gerald "Jerry" Schmitt - Assistant Fire Chief (Badge 2710)

Allen Guy - Business Administrator (Badge 2752)

Jaymi Wiggins - Firefighter, Certification Coordinator & Training Officer (Badge 2755)

Paul Renick - Firefighter (Badge 2756)

Dickie Richards - Firefighter (Badge 2754)

Ryan Upton - Firefighter / Paramedic

Kyle Krebs - Firefighter (Badge 2762)

Brandon Worth - Firefighter (Badge number to be issued)

Joe Kovar III - Firefighter / Auxiliary

Shelia Schmitt - Auxiliary

Tammy Richards - Auxiliary

Contact Information

Our members will be happy to provide additional membership information and department insight if desired.  Please feel free to contact the department any time.

Postal Address
124 Edgewater Drive, West Columbia, Texas 77486
Electronic Mail
General Information: CLVFD@clvfd.us

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