Volunteer  Fire Department  Destruction

How  Far  Will  Bullies  in  an  ESD  or  HOA 

Go to Defund and Ruin a Volunteer Fire Department?

They were DEFINITIVLY WARNED it jepordizes victim care.


August 1st, 2016 the Brazoria County Emergency Service District #2 announced; "The ESD Board received a letter from the Columbia Lakes Home Owners Association declaring they do not need nor want the Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department any longer and after review


An investigation of the claims stated in the letter, the Board is terminating the Columbia Lakes VFD       Emergency Service Contract immediately and will not be providing any further funding."    Please  See -

  "False Claims Destroy a Volunteer Fire Department Without repercussions so far - Who Will Fight Back"


Firefighter Commitment

Very few citizens and neighbors actually realize the dedication, sacrifice, and professionalism put forth by each CLVFD member for your protection. At CLVFD.us, we back up our work with a professional guarantee, providing you with added assurance that we remain on the cutting edge of training, period.

Fire Chief - Stan Wiggins

Contact us at 979.345.3339 to set up a time to come in and have a one-on-one discussion about documented action regarding the local Home Owners Association and Emergency Service District.

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