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Firefighting Extrication Rope & Confined Swift Water Ind. & HazMat


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Firefighting has evolved into an effective fire extinguishing art with an abundance of ever-changing safety precautions being implemented to make sure firefighters return home in the same condition as they left.  From the soles of their boots to the top of 200 foot Arial ladders, firefighters are being equipped with tools that are designed to remove as much risk as possible.  However, like our Brave Heroes that fight to protect our freedom every day, firefighter face life and death situations every day as they protect lives and property here at home n this wonderful country of ours ...

Key Benefits

bulletQuality Protective Clothing
bulletLatest Technology Tools
bulletRefined and Proven Firefighting Practices and Procedures


Firefighters must have the keen senses to understand what the fire is doing and where it will go next. They must understand what the challenge will be as each second ticks by, being poised to react instantly as conditions change. The fire truck operator must immediately know or calculate the required water supply that will be demanded from the firefighting crew. The line officer must have a straight and decisive operations plan to use for extinguishing the fire. The first on the scene personnel must be calm, precise, and deliberate in their description over the radio as they paint s short and vivid picture in the minds of the fellow firefighters as they make their way to the incident. The Incident Commander must methodically organize the resources available, direct, and implement the offensive or defensive attack to help minimize the firefighter risk and property conservation. The Safety Officer must be alert and removed from the excitement and tempting desire to get caught up in the events going on around him and focus on what the fire is creating and the firefighters are attempting to do so he can make sure unsafe conditions, practices, and acts are avoided. These are just a few of the positions and events that are going on during an emergency incident, although you may only be aware of the heat, flames, smoke, sparks and water flying all around the area. Exciting? Sometimes yes, but more importantly, DANGEROUS. Oh yes, there is more to come...

Emergency Observation
Firefighters must know by looking at an emergency scene and know what actions must be taken,,,
Emergency Operations
Firefighters must implement practices and procedures that will minimize the emergency at hand...
Emergency Overhaul
Firefighters can't just walk away from the scene, they make sure the scene is safe and totally under control before leaving...

Reference Accounts

We will be adding additional information below as time goes by to help you understand more about the job and responsibilities of firefighters and how and/or what they sacrifice to serve the community....

Reference 1
Pictures and description of services provided during training or an incident...
Reference 2
Pictures and description of services provided during training or an incident...
Reference 3
Pictures and description of services provided during training or an incident...



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