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NFA:  Leadership II & III Classes Coming Soon

Columbia Lakes has been requested to host these classes in the near future...

NFA: Leadership I class success -- After the success of the NFA: Leadership I class hosted by the Columbia Lakes VFD in early December, Assistant Chief - Stan Wiggins is in the process of arranging for the much needed NFA: Instructional Techniques and the remaining two classes in the three -part series, NFA: Leadership II & III, to be held at the Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department also.  CLVFD is working with Texas A&M to schedule a TEEX Instructor to deliver the courses.  Each class provides twelve (12) hours of Firefighter credit and also provides credit towards TECLOSE training credit for Law Enforcement Officers along with TCFP and SFFMA training credit.  The Leadership II & III 2-day courses deliver Leadership skills and tools needed for Officers to perform effectively in the emergency/public service environment.  The course includes techniques and approaches to problem-solving, ways to identify and assess the needs of subordinates, methods for running meetings effectively, and decision-making skills.  The NFA: Instructional Techniques course covers materials that prepare Officers for becoming classroom instructors.  As dates and times are confirmed, more information will be posted.   Contact the Columbia Lakes Fire Department 979-345-6260 for additional information if needed.

Manor Lake Dry Hydrant Installation

A new resource to protect property outside Columbia Lakes...

December 2007 -- We are finding out that a vast majority of homeowners are not aware of the effort and consideration that the CLVFD is putting forth to help the community in areas other than fighting fires. Here is another fine example how these "Volunteers" spend a lot of their time (and sometimes money) away from their family and friends to help you - the friends, neighbors, families, and businesses around them. To them, you are that important.

While the Columbia Lake Volunteer Fire Department protects a 35 square mile territory surrounding Columbia Lakes, which includes the intersection of Highway 36 and County Road 25 up to County Road 18, approximately a seven (7) mile stretch, they are always looking for additional means of helping you. Being limited in water supply outside of Columbia Lakes, the owner(s) and the manager of Maner Lake are working with the CLVFD to get a "Dry Hydrant" water supply installed before the end of the year. The installation of the "Dry Hydrant" will aid in lowering the Columbia Lakes Fire Department’s ISO Rating, which will in turn help lower the homeowner's and businesses insurance premiums within their territory.

Here is a brief description to better help you understand what a dry hydrant is and how it will assist the Fire Department and Homeowners. A dry hydrant is a special arrangement of components that allow the firefighters to draw water from a sound and reliable body of water such as a lake, stream, Gulf of Mexico, ocean, or other body of water. The piping is installed in the body of water in a manner that keeps the strainer at the end of the pipe off of the bottom of the water source. This will help prevent damaging particles from being sucked up and entering the fire truck pump, which can cause major pump damage. As the firefighters are fighting the fire, trucks called "Tankers" will be shuttling additional water needed to fight the fire from a water source as close as possible. The Tanker pulls up to the designated loading point and connects a "Hard Section" of hose to the dry hydrant. "Hard Section" hose is used because the typical soft hose that firefighters use to fight the fire with will collapse from the suction of the fire truck pump. As soon as the tanker is full it is disconnected and heading to replenish the firefighter's water supply as the next tanker in line follows in its footsteps.

In the past the closest water supply has been inside Columbia Lakes, which can really stretch out the firefighting resources adding additional stress and concerns during firefighting. Columbia Lakes Fire Department has made the arrangement as well as purchased the materials to install a dry hydrant at Maner Lake to aid in quicker water delivery for our outlying friends and neighbors. With the water supply being located closer to the outlying structures and homes, the possibility of providing increased protection lends to a higher ISO (or protection) rating.  The CLVFD will be meeting with the West Columbia Fire Department in the near future to discuss the arrangement and use procedures. What a great asset the Dry Hydrant will be to everyone.

Columbia Lakes Business Owners Pre-Plan

Columbia Lakes Fire Department Line Up Better Protection...

December 2007 -- The Columbia Lakes Fire Department officers are pushing forward to complete as many areas of fire protection as possible before the new ISO ratings are determined in 2008.  As stated in many informative articles from the CLVFD, the ISO ratings affect homeowner insurance premiums.  The lower the ISO rating, the lower the insurance premiums can go.  In an effort to acquire a lower ISO rating, the CLVFD has discussed what is called "Pre-Planning" for the Columbia Lakes businesses.

    The "Pre-Planning" consists of a basic floor plan of each business in Columbia Lakes, a walk-through of the building by all of the members of the fire department so they are familiar with the structure in case of a fire, and a list of contents such as cooking oils, chemical cleaners, and other substances that can cause health hazards during a structure fire.  When the smoke gets so thick the the firefighters can't see, they must rely on their knowledge of the building to maneuver through it to find possible victims, reach and put out the fire, or in worst case scenarios - be able to escape.

Owner Billy Verkin has agreed to provide floor plans of the Columbia Lakes Hotel and Cottages, along with any other structures owned by his organization.  Mr. Verlin has also added a pleasant addition of support by donating an annual $600.00 to assist in special training not normally available to department members.  Although the CLVFD receives a monthly donation of $1.00 per household, this type of additional funds goes a long way to increase the fire department's protection ability.  Understanding the importance of being prepared, Mr. Verkin has also agreed to provide the CLVFD with a hotel room and cottage for quarterly fire training.  Likewise, in case of natural or terrorist disaster, Mr. Verkin will provide a hotel room for the Fire Department to set up a "Command Station" to work from.  The first phase of the pre-plan inspection has been conducted and the second phase will be completed before the end of 2007.

    "Cooperation from property owners such as this is rewarding to our members.  You have to understand the effort we have to put forth just to be able to respond to an emergency.  It is so valuable to have property owners such as Mr. Verkin listening to what we need and cooperating to better protect his investment.   There is a mountain of tasks and duties to be carried out on a regular basis and to receive the assistance Mr. Verkin is willing to provide helps us tremendously.   Knowing he understands our desire and sacrifice to provide the best protection possible is truly a reward.." said Assistant Chief - Stan Wiggins.

Owner Bob Putt has also agreed to provide a "Pre-Planning" building layout for his establishments and property.  The pre-plan inspection has been conducted and the CLVFD report will be deliverd to Mr Putt before the end of 2007. 

It is important that even homeowners contact the Fire Department and arrange pre-planning.  A simple floor plan layout and substances that need to be aware of is all it takes for the fire department to better protect your property.  All of this is part of the ISO ratings, so if you want better protection and an opportunity for lower homeowner's insurance, contact the Fire Department and arrange to have a "Pre-Plan" completed.

This year alone, one member of the fire department spent over $4000.00 for equipment to aid the department in rescue equipment.  The words "Being Prepared" is an understatement when it comes to fire department capabilities.  It's a group effort between Homeowners, Property Owners, and the Fire Department to achieve the best protection and security.

Angleton Volunteer Fire Department Training

Rookie Firefighting School Brings New Firefighters Up To Date....

December 2007 -- The Angleton VFD will begin conducting their annual "Rookie School" for new members in February 2008.  As always, a lot of quality information and hands-on practice will be presented by some of the best firefighters in the area.  Angleton VFD Officers divide up the daunting tasks that allow new Firefighters to become qualified for structural firefighting.  The Texas State Firemens' and Firefighters' Association has put together requirements that each Firefighter must meet before they can be active in fire emergencies.  The Columbia Lakes VFD heavily promotes the Angleton VFD rookie school.  Several of the CLVFD members have enjoyed the opportunity to attend their rookie school.  Again it looks as though this years attendance will include yet again another CLVFD member.  Keep in touch because there will be more information to come on the Angleton VFD and the Rookie School.  Thanks AVFD for all the help you have given to make us better firefighters.

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