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Swift Water

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Firefighting Extrication Rope & Confined Swift Water Ind. & HazMat


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Oh yes, Swift Water Rescue Technicians have the coolest job of all, you may think.   Cool maybe, but many times colder than they care.  As fresh spring fed rivers and streams flow, the water never wants to take in enough heat to make rescuing in the water an enjoyable experience.  However, on the serious side, water is very strong, ruthless, and most of all relentless.  Water does not care who or what is in the way, it is going to move whatever is in its way without hesitation.  Although we all have had fun in the water, there is always something we keep in the front of our thoughts, water contains air, but only enough for the fish.  On top is where we need to be, and safely on the shore is where we need  to be.  As always, get in and get out, that's the way to think because time is on the waters side.  That's right, more information and picture are coming soon...

Key Benefits

bulletSwift Water Rescue Technicians are trained for the water and water is what they do
bulletIf it can happen, it will happen safely and fast, you can bet on that
bulletSwift Water Rescue Teams are just that, a team, because it will not happen alone


It makes no difference whether it is swift water, flood water, moving water, or high water, Swift Water Rescue Technicians know what it is going to take to get to the victim.   If you are ever in a situation that involves or going to involve one of the water types above, avoid it.  You think it won;t, but surely it will.  Listen to the authorities, if they say avoid it, it's because the Professional Rescuers have told them to tell you that.  Rescue teams can pull you from the water, but remember, time and forces are always working against you and the crew.  Follow their lead and listen very closely to every word they speak, it will make a difference.  Look for it, more information is coming...

Capability 1
Swift Water Rescue information and examples are coming soon..
Capability 2
Swift Water Rescue information and examples are coming soon..
Capability 3
Swift Water Rescue information and examples are coming soon..




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