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Businesses and Citizens can receive Life Safety training they need...

Protect your Company, Employees, Customers, and Visitors.  Have your employees or loved-ones trained for everyone's Life Safety protection.  Don't allow hind-sight to dictate what should be done today.   Without proper training, once tragedy strikes it is too late.

First Aid - CPR - AED (Automatic External Defibrillation) Certification for Adult - Teen - Infant care through the American Red Cross is now available to everyone.

$65.00 per student will acquire your choice of the Life-Safety American Red Cross Certification or Re-Certification for Adult, Teen, and/or Infant First Aid - CPR - AED.

Contact Stan Wiggins - Certified American Red Cross Instructor and Health Provider (979-345-6321 or StanWiggins@clvfd.us ) to schedule your training.  Nights and weekend classes are available.  Don't wait, tomorrow can be too late.

Angleton VFD Rookie Class Starts Soon.

Assistant Chief - Stan Wiggins will be attending the Angleton VFD Rookie School as an assistant instructor and student. "I always attend Rookie School every chance I get to help the outstanding Angleton Instructors Chris Hogan and Billy Don Moran. But most of all, I like showing the new recruits that ego is something that should be thrown out the window immediately. As an Assistant Chief, I'll be the first to pull hose, carry ladders, or whatever it takes to set the example that we are all in this together. It's how I get to know them, and them me, on a personal level.  My expectation is that one day we will be on a call with each other and working together now is setting the ground work for tomorrow.", explained Assistant Chief - Wiggins

Brazoria County Firefighter's Association Hosts NFA Class...

Texas A&M TEEX Instructor Captain - Cary "Rocky" Roccaforte will be assisting in the delivery of NFA (National Fire Academy) Classes During the Annual Spring School... 

The Brazoria County Firefighter's Association will open up the Brazoria County Training Center next Spring to Firefighters who want to learn firefighting techniques and various fire department position obligations and responsibilities.  Every day, every sceen, should start with SAFETY.

Annual Brazoria County Spring School...

Brazoria County Instructor's Association along with Texas A&M TEEX Instructors will be delivering the Spring School... 

The Brazoria County Firefighter's Association is presenting the Annual Brazoria County Spring School at the Brazoria County Training Center to provide required and necessary training for Firefighter Phase IMany more classes will be offered that bring hands-on learning and knowledge that leads to building quality Volunteer Firefighters.  Class schedule will be posted upon availability. For more information contact Chuck Richardson (979) 418-1909 e-mail: cn_richardson@yahoo.com

Harris County Field Day will be held in Spring of 2012...

The Harris County Field Day will be announced soon Please stay tuned for which challenge will be presented.  More information to come.

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