It is extremely difficult to keep this introduction short. The available PUBLIC INFORMATION and documentation archived and available spanning more than a decade regarding these two entities in virtually every type of format -  printed (hard copy), electronic communications (time stamped), photographs, formal documents and records, e-mail - letters - reports - witness testimony, county official audio recordings, news paper statements and much more have culminated into an unavoidable pending lawsuit as both collaberating entities Brazoria County Officials and CLHOA imposed the severe, all-encompassing Texas Wide Career Ending & Personal Defamation of Character, slander,  actions in conjunction with inexcusable Financial, Property, and Emotional Damages to  CLVFD, Inc. and the unexpecting, undeserving members.  Additionally, at least a news paper may be added for besmirchment. The  CLVFD Emergency Response Area encompassed 35 square miles including Rescue and Medical First responders suffering a magnitude of destruction to their areas of expertise.

A goaded abuse of power has taken place with a variety of Brazoria County Texas and State Representative claims to have "No Jurisdiction" over the five lone sitting ESD Board Members except Precinct Commissioner DAVID LINDER who ultimately continues to re-appoint them at the end of their terms anyways. As stated in a Texas Brazoria County Commissioners Court Meeting in August 2016. We (the Commissioners) only appoint (should be elected as with other Texas ESD Boards) the Board and have no jurisdiction over them after that." Thus, they can spend your millions of tax dollars any way they wish. This is the reply received from your local Brazoria County Commisioners to State Representatives. Thus the deliberate and uneccessary damages have continued to go unchecked by these two entities for almost a decade. As they say, "It's up to YOU to vote the single Commissioner out since it seems he will continue to ignore the seriousness of these actions. At least the CLVFD Service Contract should be temporarily reinstated until after the pending lawsuit.