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Web Changes...

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

As busy as it can get around a fire station, we have finally been able to bring to you our brand new web address and web site.  Please, tell your friends and fellow firefighters how to find us.  All of us hope you appreciate the effort to develop an interesting and informative web site.  The goal was not only to show fire picture after fire picture, we want you to see what we do.  Why we do it. And, what we hope to accomplish through it all.  After all is said and done, our wish is that when you leave our site you are more knowledgeable about the success of the CLVFD and aware of the dedication and sacrifice our members have put forth to be the best we can be for you, our friends, neighbors, surrounding fire communities, and our local residents and public community.  In the end you are what is most important to us.  Thank You for taking time out of your life to visit us.  We truly appreciate it.

Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department and Old Ocean Volunteer Fire Department provided Mutual Aid for West Columbia Volunteer Fire Department as they battled a fully engulfed house fire on County Road 300 Friday afternoon. Firefighters of the West Columbia VFD, Old Ocean VFD and Columbia Lakes VFD work relentlessly to save as much property as possible.  West Columbia firefighters ventilated the roof as fellow members and members of the Old Ocean VFD attacked the upstairs flames and the rear extension (original home structure) of the structure where the flames originated. Chief - Stan Wiggins and Lieutenant - Jaymi Wiggins made entry into the structure to contain and control the blaze located on the opposite side, rear of the home after Old Ocean FD Chief Craig Peterson breached the structure utilizing an ax on a secured entry door.  After the team extinguished the immediate fire progression, Lieutenant - Jaymi Wiggins took control of the nozzle along with assistance from members of responding departments to complete the task. The fire crew extinguished the remaining flames and proceeded to other areas of need. Chief-Jimmy Chafin of the West Columbia VFD directed the attacks as the Incident Commander.  Old Ocean VFD Fire Chief - Craig Peterson exhibited excellent command of Fire Operations and Water Supply as water tenders consistently provided the much needed extinguishing agent. Chief Chafin directed the "Offensive Attack" until the fire was contained and extinguished. Firefighters from each department worked viciously as they focused on containing the fire progression. Central EMS responders Ryan Upton and Ben Martinez were poised to deliver any medical attention needed during the event. Auxiliary members of the West Columbia VFD and Columbia Lakes VFD member Joe Kovar provided the much needed rehab services to keep firefighters well hydrated and cooled down. No firefighters were injured during the incident and the fire attack remained offensive until the flames were extinguished. The cooperation and teamwork between all departments and operations were seamless. Great leadership by Chief - Chafin and Chief - Peterson produced a working crew that meshed together as one to accomplish an effective attack.  Yet another demonstration of the dedication so many individuals put forth to obtain the knowledge and ability to serve their community in the volunteer ranks. Thanks to each of the members at the scene.  You make us PROUD!
Columbia Lakes and West Columbia Fire Departments responded to a fire call at the Columbia Lakes Sports Bar.  Columbia Lakes firefighters Jaymi Wiggins (call sign 2755) and Joe Kovar (call sign 2753) responded to the tone sent out by North Dispatch of smoke showing in the Columbia Lakes Sports Bar.  With the remaining members of the Columbia Lakes Fire Department being out of the area, Jaymi Wiggins (2755) reported to North Dispatch that the remaining members were out of the area and she would report to the Columbia Lakes Fire Department, open the station, start unit 2701 (the pumper fire truck) and wait to assist the West Columbia Fire Department if they needed additional resources or personnel. 
    It is the policy of the CLVFD that each truck must have a minimum of two (2) firefighters on the truck before it can roll out of the station.  With 2755 responding first, 2755 immediately responded to North Dispatch with the current information knowing that the WCVFD would be updated immediately as well since the were responding and monitoring the radio as well.  Having announced the information over the radio, WCVFD knew immediately that they could report to the CLVFD to use any resources they may need.  As the old cliche goes, if it can happen - it will.  It just so happens that the WCVFD only had their smaller "Brush Truck" to use for the response.  Pulling together as a team, the WCVFD arrived at the CLVFD, manned the already running and waiting Pumper truck and responded to the scene within seconds.
    Meanwhile, CLVFD Joe Kovar arrived at the Columbia Lakes Fire Department and prepared Unit 2702 (a Brush Truck) just in case additional resources were needed.  Being great responders as always, the WCVFD took control of the scene and eliminated a hazards associated with the fan blower motor that had shorted out.   Assistant Chief - Stan Wiggins followed up with owner Mr. Bob Putts the following day and everything was back to normal.  The motor was replaced and the Sports Bars was up-and-running again.   Another happy ending to what have could have been a disaster.  Thanks Again Guys.
    This was quality team work to say the least.  Unfortunately egos can get in the way sometimes when it comes to one fire department assisting another department with an emergency.  All too many times it is heard how the "Mutual Aid" department doesn't like taking orders from or want to listen to another department tell them what to do.  However, in this case although Columbia Lakes was in charge, due to the circumstances Columbia Lakes Fire Department relinquished Incident Command to West Columbia Fire Department and the teamwork paid off.  Thanks West Columbia Volunteer Fire department for working so well with us.

Columbia Lakes Volunteer Fire Department Establishes Internet Presence...
See the The Latest on Members for more details.
County Fire Truck Purchased By CLVFD...
See the Truck #2701 for more details.

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This is some of the latest information we have on topics of interest to bring you up to date..

As the Columbia Lakes Fire Department strives to improve, we want to do our best to keep you informed.  Please view the information below to keep up to date on what is going on within your Fire Department.  Thanks for taking time out and viewing our web site today.

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bullet2007 -- Member Information

Where are we at?  What are we doing?


With all that is going on within the department, seven active members can be overwhelmed with chores and tasks at times.  Below you will find highlights of a few items on our agenda to get completed.  A more detailed schedule can be found on the "Scheduled Events" page.   Feel free to help in any way you can to take a little or a lot of the load off our shoulders so we can focus on things you may not be able to help with.  Always remember, to help your local Fire Department does not mean you have to fight fires.  There are plenty of areas you can help with and even though you may feel it is the smallest of assistance, from our point of view it is very much appreciated.  We are located at 124 Edgewater Drive next to the Park & Marina.

bulletFire Hose Testing, Required Annually to Help Lower ISO Ratings and Thus Home Owner's Insurance Cost, Due Before December 31st, 2007
bulletDry Hydrant Installation, Helps Lower ISO Ratings and Thus Home Owner's Insurance Cost, Due Before ISO Report 2008
bulletWater Transfer, Helps Lower ISO Ratings and Thus Home Owner's Insurance Cost, Before December 31st, 2007
bulletColumbia Lakes Pre-Planning, Helps Lower ISO Ratings and Thus Home Owner's and Business Insurance Costs, Before December 31st, 2007


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